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lower left abdominal painLower Left Abdominal Pain

Abdominal pain is a miserable affair.  It saps vitality and confronts us with our humanity and frailty.  My lower left abdominal pain began in childhood and has persisted through middle age.  It has not been a continuous occurrence; rather, it has raised its ugly head on sporadic occasion.  Sometimes years have passed with no occurrence; other times, I have suffered multiple attacks within the span of a month.  Symptoms have not been always the same or easily localized to lower left abdominal pain.  Sometimes, waves of nausea have assailed me; on other occasions extremely loose stools and cramping have been the symptoms; on still other occasions very localized pain and fever have confronted me.  Finally, as I have approached (and now entered) middle age, I have begun to experience another scourge of older age–constipation and the associated lower left abdominal pain. 

The causes to these events are likely diverse and due to a multitude of issues, including irritable bowel syndrome, diverticulum, improper diet, food allergy, and exercising at the wrong time.  I have tried to understand what causes these vexing incidents and investigated how to treat the pain in a manner that addresses the cause or causes and not merely the symptoms.  I also have looked for lifestyle changes to help mitigate these painful attacks.  I have not been totally successful but have, it seems, gotten the frequency of attacks to lessen.  Consider these pages my open journal through lower left abdominal pain and hopefully, your portal to answers.